Wellbeing Tips

Check out these wellbeing tips to help with day to day life, if you have any tips or services you would like to share with us - please drop us an email or join the staff forum to enter into the conversation.

Sleep Station

During this difficult time, it’s perfectly natural to feel anxious. We’re in a scary situation. It's hard to sleep when we're anxious and this is quite normal. If there is something to worry about, it makes much more sense for us to be awake so that we can respond to the problem. This is a natural, protective response. We remain alert when we feel under threat, to protect us from danger. It wouldn't, for example, make sense to be asleep if there was a wolf in our bedroom.

& Mindfulness

In this crisis we owe you huge gratitude for your work caring for the health and wellbeing of people who need it. Whatever your role, this needs courage, dedication and humanity.

Many members of the public are anxious and stressed. For you, putting your own health at risk to support others, this can also be true.

Daily Wellness by Spotify

Taking a moment—or two—for yourself is especially important these days. Yet wellness is deeply personal. Some center their wellness around eating healthy and exercising, while others focus on positive thinking and small acts of self-care.

National Wellbeing Hub

Some wonderful wellbeing resources can be found in the National Wellbeing Hub.

'If you work in health or social services in Scotland then this site is for you. Thank you for all you are doing to support your fellow citizens.'

'You look after us, so we’ll look after you.'